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          What the hell am I talking about?

        in 2011 many companies asked me app as catalogue, based on CMS:
        just "catalogue of items" or "list of point of interest" (POI, GPS, ...),
        the possibility to have a map, a gallery, search (by title or tag), events, and ...

        Apps like these require at least 2 months (for server side "CMS" and device "APP")
        and the cost of a senior mobile developer for 2 months of development is too high
        for some companies - shop - whoever needs an app ...

        so the idea: create a standardized app, customizable, as engine for common
        Catalogue App - CMSAPP is the answer www.iphonecmsapp.com

        please have a look also at CmsAppReader, an evolution of CMSAPP:
        a catalogue of catalogues ... in this app You may find many customizations ...

        if You need a catalogue app but Your budget is low,
        CMSAPP or CmsAppReader may be Your first step in


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