Fabio Cecchini
Fabio Cecchini Partita IVA

   In 2009 I was the first to launch iOS courses in Italy: since then I´ve been teaching
   private lessons and organized courses (in Accenture too)

   Lessons and Courses vary depending on the starting level of the partecipants,
   usually if You have a seniority as Object Oriented Developer, 3 days full immersion
   are the minimum to get the basic (3 days for each platform: iOS Android Windowsphone)

   the ideal course is 5 days to cover almost all the sdk api
   and 8 days is the best choice (+ 3 days of practice developing togheter some demos app)

   We meet via skype and sharing screen I´m your   Personal Virtual Teacher
   30£ or 35€ per hour and if you buy 10 hours prepayed you get +2 hours for free !!!

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