Fabio Cecchini
Fabio Cecchini Partita IVA
          About me:

        I'm a MAD (Mobile App Developer) and Teacher

        long time ago (occasionally also now) I was a technician:
        I´ve assembled & repaired PC since ´96
        then I started coding in Java, C++, Amos, ...

        before 2008 I was a Php, Net, Java developer
        since 2008 I develop in Objective-C (iOS sdk)
        since 2009 I'm a teacher (Php, Java, iOS)
        since late 2011 I develop on Android platform too
        in 2012 I started working for UK Companies
        since 2013 I develop on Cocos2D, AndEngine, SpriteKit
        since late 2013 I develop on WindowsPhone platform too
        in 2014 things change again: now I develop in Swift (too)
        ...to be continued...

        more about me? just contact me and ask ^_^

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